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Happy birthday Billie!  / Jennie Howard (friend)  Read >>
Happy birthday Billie!  / Jennie Howard (friend)
Wishing you a very happy 18th birthday Billie! Thinking of you and your family Love Jennie xxxxxxx Close
Happy 18th Birthday  / Kirsten McKeen (Friend)  Read >>
Happy 18th Birthday  / Kirsten McKeen (Friend)

Dear Billie

On the 20th of january 1992 you were born that day has touched and changed everyone's life who you knew and loved.

I been thinking about you alot recently our holiday to Wales singing and dancing in my front room. You were an amazing frined Billie Jordan Josiah elegant gentle and caring. I wonder why the world takes people away from us it dosen't make sense especially a talented and beautiful woman like you.

Today Billie I will celebrate your life your heart and you. You should be here with family and friends and I cannot begin to understand why your not. I know you look over us all especially your family who I send my love to a thousand times over.

You are always in my heart my soul and my mind. Everyone will celebrate today as the birth of an angel who touched our hearts in many different ways.

Happy 18th Birthday Butterfly Girl...<3

Always your friend

Kirsten xxx

Billie girl  / Mum   Read >>
Billie girl  / Mum

I cant believe we are having another Christmas without you.  Its too much too bear baby girl.

The hole in my life is just too big to fill whatever I do.

I miss you I miss you I miss you  I miss you.

You should be here with me.

I love you Bille. Forever.

Mum x

X / Libby Desborough (None)  Read >>
X / Libby Desborough (None)
From what I have heard Billie was such a kind loving intelligent and such a beautiful girl. As I missed my own Muma last night I felt so dearly for the wonderful woman Becki. Who was willing to help me through one of the hardest times of my life. And that any child brought up by her couldnt be anything but wonderful. Thankyou Becki And Rest In Peace beautiful Billie. x Close
My Girl  / Mum (Mum)  Read >>
My Girl  / Mum (Mum)

I miss you more than ever my girl. Not a second passes when I do not think of you.  Your little brother is so much like you when you were a toddler.

I am not the same without you. Part of me is gone and nothing will every fill the hole you left.  I am glad for the pain it reminds me of how much I love you and how lucky I was to know you.

I live each day the best I can. I can smile and laugh and do the things I need to do. But my darling girl I will never be the same. I wish I knew how perfect my life was. I wish I understood how luck I was and that I had everything I needed.  Only now can I see how much I had.

I still cannot believe you have gone. Its too impossible to take in. How could my love not have saved you? You were so perfect my darling. So clever and brave so beautiful and kind so bright so thoughtful and dignified.

I love you my Billie girl. I will always love you. I will never forget you. You were important and you were so loved my darling.

I am honoured to have known you and I am a better person for loving you.

I miss you baby girl.


Mummy x

Well wishes for the family  / D. P. (None)  Read >>
Well wishes for the family  / D. P. (None)
Oh, how indescribably sad. I don't know what to write having read about your wonderful girl. It must have been terrible hard to write but I am glad that you have and that I have the pleasure of reading it. Thankyou.
I will be giving blood at the soonest opportunity.

All of my best wishes

xxx Close
Thoughts / Helen Knipe   Read >>
Thoughts / Helen Knipe

To Billie's Family,

I came across this link and have read your tribute to her. As I read your words I just cant help but cry as she was a truly beautiful girl and i think about how it must feel to have your precious child taken away. I have a 11 month old daughter who I dote on and as I watch her grow the worst thing that could ever happen would be to say goodbye.

Your Billie was so very brave, but I just wanted to say I think you are brave too, everyday.

I hope my message doesnt cause any upset. I just wanted to say that your words have made me think about my life and how important it is to enjoy everyday.

Love Helen




so sorry for your loss  / Jacob Mcleod-Steinmetz (an Angel too )  Read >>
so sorry for your loss  / Jacob Mcleod-Steinmetz (an Angel too )

Dear Billie's family

I found your Angels link today on the for ever in our hearts after leukaemia page

I'm so sorry for your loss yoru Billie is a beautiful girl and i know she fought so hard to stay here with you

May she fly high in heaven happy healthy and pain free sending Angel kisses down to you all

with Love ^i^ Jacob's Mum ( AML leukaemia)

"Leukaemia Sux!"

a note to billie x  / Annabelle Wright (old friend )  Read >>
a note to billie x  / Annabelle Wright (old friend )
hey billie, haven't written for a while but does not mean i haven't thought about you alot alot!  i miss you so very much and knowing its your birthday soon makes it even harder! i hope you have a lovely day wherever you may be in spirit :)   just thought i would let you know i gave blood in november and all i could think of was you! it made me feel so proud knowing i have done something that could change someones life. in honour of you i will be doing this every 16weeks for the rest of my life and have been encouraging my friends and others to do the same. you're such a special person billie and i know everyone would agree. its hard to go a day without thinking of you! you are always in my prayers and thoughts and will never ever be forgotten. i love you so much. annabelle xxxxxxxxxxx Close
hey / Emma (Friend)  Read >>
hey / Emma (Friend)
I have been thinking about you so much lately, I guess the pain never really goes away. I don’t know if it’s because Christmas just passed or the New Year just began, but there’s something about January that feels so cold without you here. I feel such deep sorrow for your family, Christmas can’t have been the same without you. I know it wasn’t for me. We all know you gave the best (and funniest) presents. Leaving school was harder than I thought; there was I thinking I couldn’t wait to get out and yet as soon as I started college I realised just how much I’d left behind. I miss everyone there, but more than that I miss that there was so many memories of you that filled the rooms. Knowing that you had once been there, talking, laughing, walking in the same spaces was in some way consoling. Now I’ve left it’s like a tiny piece of you has gone, but I won’t ever forget you. Your birthday is coming up and I hope I can get a few close friends together once again so we can go out in memory of you. I still love and miss you loads.
Emma x
happy new yr !  / Hannah Bushell (friend xx )  Read >>
happy new yr !  / Hannah Bushell (friend xx )

hey bill,

sorry i havent written for a while i stll think about u everyday especially around xmas and new yr. U'll always hav a place in my heart i promise BUTTERFLY GIRL! sorry its abit late but im wishing u a merry xmas and a happy new yr! missing u loads

luv ya bill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I still miss you ...  / Kirsten Mckeen (Friend)  Read >>
I still miss you ...  / Kirsten Mckeen (Friend)

Well four months into college and I still think about you Billie. I wonder what A levels you would have taken and if you would have come to the same sixth form as us ... College is hard and I miss you helping me when I used to struggle with English. It's still hard accepting that you are gone, I lost my nana in Febuary and I wonder if God has any mercy up there? One by one you all seem to disappear, I miss you Billie but I know you look over us all. I hope you are ok and that you and my nana talk, I will see you soon but until then I will think of you everyday Butterfly Girl ...

Love Always

Kirsten X

How i wonder  / Sophie Ibrahim (Best friend )  Read >>
How i wonder  / Sophie Ibrahim (Best friend )
Hi my gorgeous girly,

Im sorry i havent written in a while, it just gets harder and harder. Ive been thinking alot about you lately, espcially with me starting college and doing new things. How i wish you were here with me to experience them. I wonder what subjects you would have chosen, what you would of wore to ? party, and what advise you would give me. I have told so many people about you, even my new friends - i think they must feel like they knew you before, coz i talk about you so much. Ive got so much stuff i want and need to tell you, it pulls my heart apart that i cant. I love you so much and wish you were here, i do anything to make that happen. I went to Thorpe park recently, it was fright night - you would have enjoyed it so much, taking the micky out of how frightened i was, i can imagine it - but i no you would have been looking out for me too. Every time i see leona on T.V i think of you straight away, how proud you must be. she reminds so much of you with your stunning looks and your delicate, elegant ways.  When  i wake up your the first person i think of and when i go to sleep your the last person i see. Why did you have to be taken from us? i do not understand, but  i no you are looking over everyone.
Love you lots, forever and always
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Close
Hello / Diane &. Maria (TCF)   Read >>
Hello / Diane &. Maria (TCF)

Hello Becki & Billie,

Just passing by and thought I would leave you a message.  Becki you were the first person to reach out to me in my time of need and for that I would like to say thank you.

Billie, you have one absolutely fabulous Mom - I have heard her on the radio - Becki, Billie is so so proud of you.

Well done on entering the Womens 5K again - although I am not doing the 5K in Birmingham on the 7th, I am doing a 5K on the 14th September - this is an event that we have arranged to support Maria's Charity which will ultimately benefit Teenage Cancer Trust. So although we are not doing the Adidas Challenge with you and Billie, me and Maria will be with you by doing the Maria Fun Run the following week.

I also did the Race for Life on Maria's anniversary - what a moving experience that was. I thought it was an appropriate day to do it although the rain was torrential.  What kept me going was thinking about all of our precious children. I'm also going to attempt the Coventry Half Marathon in October - again supporting Teenage Cancer Trust.

Becki, I hope all is well and that your baby son is bringing you joy - although I do know that no matter how much joy he brings, it does not take away the pain and hurt of losing Billie. 

With love to you all.

Diane & Maria xxx 

It still hurts xx  / Rebecca Baker (Friend from school )  Read >>
It still hurts xx  / Rebecca Baker (Friend from school )

Hey Billie,

I was speaking to emma this time two years ago when I heard what happened. I remember me you emma and kirsten used to play together. They were good times. Whenever you came over the world seemed to get brighter and everyone was happy again. You always knew what to say at the right time and I will never forget that. I still can't believe that you have gone and we have lost our smiling angel. But I know you are looking from the heavens above and keeping an eye on what we do. R.I.P hunni xxx

Becky xx

2yrs 2day  / Anna Phan (school friend )  Read >>
2yrs 2day  / Anna Phan (school friend )

Billie, its been 2yrs 2day & like Aneesa, Faitma & Jennie has stated, time really does fly past ever so quickly. It feels like yesterday we were in netball practice just giggling at the little things that amused us.

Even though us yr11's are aproaching our GCSEs & filling in our college forms, it doesn't mean we have forgotten about you. Everyone is thinking about you everyday & cherishing the times we have had with you. =D 

Even though everyone will be split up next yr; going to their choice of college, i'm pretty sure everyone shall remember you; no matter what, because it was you that brought everyone together. It's just everything that we see that reminds me & others of you.

**2yrs ago today, everyone shed their tears for you as you departed us all but it was also a day that god gained an Angel!**


Dear Billie...  / Jennie Howard (School Friend )  Read >>
Dear Billie...  / Jennie Howard (School Friend )

Its been almost two years now!

i no its one of them stupid sayings but its true, time does fly. I was speaking with sophie the other day. I can remember my every move that i made on the day that we found out you were taken away from us.

I wish you were here wish us right now, here to come to our sleepovers and partys. Here just to talk to. You were so caring. You were always a person that people could go to and speak to. I dont know anybody who is like you. No one can match up. No one as kind and gentle, no one as willing to care.

Youve brought everyone together. Everybody in year 11 are so much closer then we used to be. I just wish it was like it when you were here with us. I wish that something like this didnt have to happen just to make us closer.

I hope one day, that im going to see you again. I hope i go up there, just to see your beautiful smiling face!

Goodbye for now,

Forever in my heart,

Love you always,



2nd Anniversary  / Toni Mitchell (Family friend )  Read >>
2nd Anniversary  / Toni Mitchell (Family friend )

Hi Billie.  I will be at your parents this weekend to help with the planting of your special garden which will be the first thing visitors to your home will see.  You have a new angel with you now.  Please take care of Mickey for us.  I am sending lots of love to your family this weekend and always and know that you are still talked about all the time and laughed about a lot.  You always bring a huge smile to your mummy's face.  She is doing ok and Asher is providing lots of entertainment - he really looks like you too which is lovely.  Again, I wish that I had met you Billie but I feel as if i knew you if that makes sense.  Love to you all.  Keep flying beautiful butterfly x

Missin u Buttlerfly Billie!  / Fatima &. Aneesa (School Friends )  Read >>
Missin u Buttlerfly Billie!  / Fatima &. Aneesa (School Friends )

Hi Billie! Havent written in ages but still think about u every single day. Not jus us but the whole year is missin u and thinkin of u. we just want u to no we are doin everything we can to fulfill your last wishes and we hope u will be proud of us.

Its our last year in school and everyone is running around stressing like anything but we will always have the time to show u how much we love and miss u each day!

Its nearly 2 years..its amazing how time flys. We were all lookin at the year 7 photo just the other day and we were laughin at how much of a state we all look yet there is 1 person glowing amongst the rest. N yep uv guesed's u!

Last year on the 27th of April, we are sure u were watching over us while we all tried to express our love for you in the form of a showcase. We are sure you saw how much of a success it was due to how much effort,  hard work and time everyone had put in to it. This year we hope to do the same and hope to leave an impression of the impact you have on our lives and the ongoing love we have for you.

              Love You Always x

Thinking of you Butterfly princess  / Georgie-Hollys Mum (Friend of the family )  Read >>
Thinking of you Butterfly princess  / Georgie-Hollys Mum (Friend of the family )

Hi Billie just stoping in to sit with you a while, i think of you alot,

Hope you and Holly are having fun together

,Georgie xx

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