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missing you loads  / Sophie Ibrahim (Best friend )  Read >>
missing you loads  / Sophie Ibrahim (Best friend )


Dear Billie, 
I am sorry havent wrote to for while. I know it sounds stupid but i was afraid, afraid at facing reality i supose but i know that there are by far more things to afraid of. 
I miss you so much, that it is to hard to put in to words. There has not been a single day pass without me thinking about you. There have been so many times in my life when i wish you were there with me. wheather it is when im upset, having a laugh, acting silly, or even just in normal situations of my every day life. 
I miss being able to go shopping with you, having sleepovers, going to the cinema and even school. 
I treasure the moments i spent with you, and i am so glad to have met someone with such bravery, talent, love, kindness. You taught me so much in time that i met you. Than what i would have had in the whole of my life if i didnt meet you, that i am truly thankful. 
I wish you were still here with us, but i know your not in pain any more. Every time i see a butterfly i think of you, beautiful and elegant.
I go back to school soon, to start Yr 11. I wish you were coming too. 
Everyone at school misses you and wishes you were coming too. We all love you so much. 
I love you so much. look over everyone, espcially harley. Im looking after him jaiden though so dont worry.       

Love you, miss you and forever in my heart.     
Your Best Friend Forever Sophie. 



:D / Emma (Friend)  Read >>
:D / Emma (Friend)
To Billie,
Its not been a very nice summer so far but the other day the sun came out, and i saw two butterflies, and thought of you :)
Of course i haven't forgotten you Billie. Never will.
Still miss you a great deal, and i love you all the same.
Lots of love, Emma. 
x Close
Billie............ / Anna Phan (Friend)  Read >>
Billie............ / Anna Phan (Friend)
Hi ya Billie,
Been a while since i've wrote in here (well no that long ago :D) Missing you loads hunni, but it's all the little things that makes me remember you, such as wearing a dog tag, or wristband or just seeing butterflies fluttering around. 
I know your mum is working very hard on her knitting project, and i will to, as soon as i get my exams out of the way. 
The money we've raised for TCT and Clic sargent has been amazing! It's been a great experience rasing money for them and we hope to do the same next year again. We're still rasing money for TCT and clic sargent, not sure when it'll be finish, but do know we have raised a LOT of money though.
Missing you so much! but have i memories to keep me going. Remeber the chocolate fountain at your sleepover in the easter holz? that was so funny. u came and sat @ the table, poking the chocolate fountain with the little fork. you was proper poking it and sucking the chocolate off, then i think it was your cuz that said: Your suppose to stick a fruit on it THEN dip it in the chocolate. i was just cracking up. lol.
Gonna miss them days but most of all, i'm missing you!
XxX Close
Hello my darling  / Mummy (Mummy)  Read >>
Hello my darling  / Mummy (Mummy)
My beautiful Billie girl. I am so sorry I havent written for a while. Its just been too hard. I miss you so much baby girl. It seems like yesterday that you were taken. I wish that somehow you could have been the last precious child to be taken by that wicked disease. So many of our friends have followed you and I know that at least they are free and out of pain. I know that you are all together and look after each other. I know you have lots of lovely girly friends up there and some lovely handsome boys too. Take good care of Mason darling even if he drives you all mad with his cheekiness! He is such a very special boy. I love you my darling butterfly girl and I know that each day brings me closer to you. Mummy x Close
To billie..  / Emma (Friend)  Read >>
To billie..  / Emma (Friend)
Billie...i just cant believe its been a whole year.
i never realised how fast time goes, and how quickly everything is passing by.
life is so short, too short, and you only lived 14 years of it.
you had your whole life ahead of you, and it seems so unfair that it was taken in a heartbeat.
you deserved much more.
we deserved much more. 
if theres anything i think about most before i close my eyes at night, its how much i wish you was still here.
but wishing wont help me now. 
so i hope with all my heart that your happy, where ever you may be, and that your watching over all of us.

it seems like just yesterday that we were all so devestated and upset for our loss. although i try to fight it, i still cry sometimes.
i know you wouldn't want that, but i know i've come to terms with it, and that one day ill be able to think about you and smile at all the crazy things we got up to, and the memories we shared.
if theres one thing i want you to know, its that i love you, so much. i really do miss you. were all trying so hard to do things to prevent this from happening to other people. i know your proud of us all, but i only wish you was here with us to do all of these wonderful things for charity.
im sure you loved the showcase, it was wonderful despite how unprepared it may have been.
we all pulled together for you.
its true, "you dont know what you've got until its gone"
i hope you know just how special you are to each and every one of us. 

i wrote this poem for you a couple of weeks ago.
it's quite personal but i'd love you to see it.

Tell the rain not to fall.
Tell the trees not to stand so tall.
Tell the sky not to be blue.
It’s like telling me to stop missing you.

Stop the sun from shining so bright.
Stop the day from turning to night.
Stop time from moving too fast.
It’s like stopping me from remembering our past.

Tell me not to wish upon a star.
Tell the rainbow not to be so far.
Tell the spring flowers to stop growing.
It’s like telling my tears for you to stop flowing.

Stop the moon from smiling down at me.
Stop a butterfly from flying free.
Stop my heart from beating so true.
It’s like stopping me from thinking of you.

Love something and throw it away.
Spell the words that you just can’t say.
Reach out for something you know you can’t touch.
It’s like telling me not to love you so much.

Lots of Love, Emma x
1 yr has passed  / Hannah Bushell (friend)  Read >>
1 yr has passed  / Hannah Bushell (friend)
I cant believe a whole yr has gone by it only seems like yesterday wen we were doin that play at st georges church. On fri i went there and lit a candle 4 u and i planted a pink rose in my garden. im going to plant loads of budlia and butterfly plants in my garden just4 u 
                    xxxxxxx luv u loads hannah xxxxxxx  Close
Butterfly Billies Showcase  / Saffia Davy (Friend)  Read >>
Butterfly Billies Showcase  / Saffia Davy (Friend)
Ur day was brilliant.There was singing dancing acting speeches and poems.Ben and Josh did a gay play and it was so funny.We all gave it 100% we just wanted you to know that you are still remembered and we are just so happy that we got a chance to give  back something to you.We plan on doing a whole lot more in memory of you.We love you baby girl.x.x.x Close
LoveYou x  / Aaliya (school friend x )  Read >>
LoveYou x  / Aaliya (school friend x )

A year gone....Seem like only yesterday you were with us smiling your beautiful smile x 

Like many have said we all miss you very much huni
And tonight at the showcase it was shown....all of us rememering you under one roof thinking of you...missing you like we have done all yr... and working hard to fufill your wishess and raising money for charity.... the dances..the speeches...the poemz..evryone was soo brave...evryone tried hard to not let the tears fall and to rememeber you in smiles because thatz what you tought us soo much huni ...and we can never thank you enough... 

Love You huni bun!! 
lotz of love going out to ur family XxXxX

In loving memory of Billie Jrdon Josiah xx  / Georgie-Hollys Mum (Friend)  Read >>
In loving memory of Billie Jrdon Josiah xx  / Georgie-Hollys Mum (Friend)

This day is remembered and quietly kept,
No words are needed, we shall never forget,
For those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us every day.
Unseen and unheard, but always near,
So loved, so missed, and so very dear.

Thinking of you all, lots of love Georgie xx

1 year  / Susan   Read >>
1 year  / Susan
1 year since you had to go, beautiful, precious Billie. But in hearts and minds, you haven't been gone for a month, a week, not even a day because you are thought about and loved every minute.

You're missed so much and today will be hard for lots of people. Stay really close to those who need you today and fill all of our hearts with lovely memories that remind us, again, how lucky we all were to have shared parts of your life.

Love you, miss you, never ever forget. xx Close
I remember  / Tifani Mabala (friend from aveling park )  Read >>
I remember  / Tifani Mabala (friend from aveling park )
ohh yhh anna i remember that it was like everyone was propa scared except you billie
we wer alll like noo i dont want to go first 
and then you stepped up
and rocked the showww

i think it was zoe who was one of the judges 
because there was an cheerleading dance-off

x. Close
TCT and CLICSargeant...  / Jennie And Sophie Pocohontous (friends)  Read >>
TCT and CLICSargeant...  / Jennie And Sophie Pocohontous (friends)

Were holding a night for you tomorrow billie, and its all for you but its also for your one wish. helping to save other children from going through what you did, and this is exactly what were doing. Raising money for the people that helped you. TCT and CLICSargeant. we both have said were determined to get the animal phone charms!!![hehe] and were going to spend as much money as we can!! This night is going to go so well with poems, songs, plays...were even  reading from the billie book. Thats where everybody wrote down there feelings. When we found out we was so shocked. Wouldnt really believe it at first, didnt think it was really happening. 

Jennie:Sometimes i think to myself that your just sitting at home still singing away! But then i think to myself that you still are singing away! Just in a nicer and happier place.

Sophie:I can always remember when we used to make up songs, they were terrible but we had so much confidence that we were going to be number 1 in the charts! Well you could have been, ill probably be something like number 52! And im surprised our mums didnt tell us to stop making so much noise!

Love you and miss you always, see you soon
love and hugs
Sophie and jennie

one whole yr 2morrow  / Anna Phan (Friend)  Read >>
one whole yr 2morrow  / Anna Phan (Friend)
Dear: Billie,
Can't believe it will be one whole yr 2morrow when you left us all. 2morrow however will be a day for you where we will raise a lot of money or TCT and clic sargent but most of all, remember you!
Today after skl, i was walking home with damali, and she remembered this memory of you. it was about yr8 and there was this trial for cheerleading and you put yourself down for it, and i remember you in the class @ the back auditioing for it, it was so funny back then. we use the moves from the movie: Bring it on. That was so funny, there was these 2 girls who were judges, and  we was all singing along to the words and doing the moves. good times they were. im  gonna miss those days. 
XxX Close
I Miss U  / Tifani Mabala (School Friend (aveling park) )  Read >>
I Miss U  / Tifani Mabala (School Friend (aveling park) )
i cant believe its almost been a yr the thought hurts me.
you will never be missed and i dont even know what to say...
Buttt aveling park school are holding a night for you billie =]
to help raise money for TCT 

x. Close
a whole year!  / Jennie Howard (school friend )  Read >>
a whole year!  / Jennie Howard (school friend )
i cant belive its been almost a year! its gone by so quickly, but everyday your in everybodys thoughts! like someone has already written, were having a showcase for you and at the moment all of the year 10 pupils are joining together and doing so much  to make it go well! Everybodys so busy! its going to be such a good night.

Without realising Billie, you've brought everyone closer togther! groups of friends that didnt even talk to each other before now act like there best friends! All thanks to you.

So im going to stop babbling on before i bore people so bye!
Always missing you
Love and hugs
Billies Day  / Year 10 Students (friends)  Read >>
Billies Day  / Year 10 Students (friends)
Billie u will always be in our hearts aand on the 27th its going to be a year since u left us.Year 10 along with Billie's lil bro are having a showcase which will start at 6pm and finish at 7.30.There will be alot of dancing,singing,acting and alot more.Anyone can come along.Entry is free!!!!!!We hope to raise as much money as possible for cancer charites including TCT and CLIC SARGENT.This is a way of showing Billie that she isn't forgotten. It will be held at Aveling Park in the school hall. Close
My love to you all this eater (2007) xx  / Georgie-Hollys Mum   Read >>
My love to you all this eater (2007) xx  / Georgie-Hollys Mum

I miss you....  / Anna Phan (Friend)  Read >>
I miss you....  / Anna Phan (Friend)
Billie hunni, in about 3/4 weeks it would've been a yr since u left us! When that day comes, every1 will miss you so much! i dont know how anyone will ever get through it! 
Today- 29/03/07, was celebration of achievement evening. It felt really weird, bcos you wasnt there. i remember the first time ever in yr 7, when we both had awards, and you got it for english, and we was chatting about how nervous we was gonna be, and later on that evening, i remember a teacher calling out your name for the english award and you just went on stage all smiling! I remember as if it was just yesterday, that day was so funny. I still have the booklet from yr 7 and your name is in there. Saw it again today and was a bit emotional and also in sophies speech. Missing you loads my little angel. XxX Close
Sorry! / Kirsten Mckeen (Friend)  Read >>
Sorry! / Kirsten Mckeen (Friend)
I have written in ages but i just wanted to send my regards to your family Billie, for your grandma! She was a lovely woman and I just wish that you could all be alive and well on earth with us. It's been hard without you but we are all managing! i love you Billie and I love your mum and dad and brothers very much! Thinking of you always! Love Kirsten xoxoxox Close
beautiful flower girl pics  / Hannah Bushellxxx ((friend))  Read >>
beautiful flower girl pics  / Hannah Bushellxxx ((friend))
just lookin through a special box i made filled wiv stuff all about u its pink and covered in glitter its smothered in pink butterflys theres som pics of wen we were flower girls at tufnell park school fair in the infants ur hairs out with a big pink ribbon around ur head u look so beautful with ur angelic smile. loved u then love now and love u forever xxxxxx Close
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