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To a special girl on her 15th Birthday xx  / Georgie -. Holly's Mum (Family friend )  Read >>
To a special girl on her 15th Birthday xx  / Georgie -. Holly's Mum (Family friend )

Dear Billie, wishing you a very happy heavenley birthday.
Im sure you will have a great big party with Holly and all your new friends.
Happy birthday special gal,
Love ya
Georgie xx

LUV U BILLIE  / Aaliya (School Friend )  Read >>
LUV U BILLIE  / Aaliya (School Friend )
Billie, Missing You Soo Much! Everyone is! there isnt a day when we dont think of you and smile!!!!

We all LOVE you loads Huni! x  

You changed our lives, and we thank you for that! soo lucky to have known you!  even though you are not here we know that heaven has an ANGEL Sooo BEAUTIFUL, SOO INOCENT , SOO SWEEETTT

Hello baby  / Mummy Forever (mum)  Read >>
Hello baby  / Mummy Forever (mum)
Darling girl.  I am sorry I haven't written for a while. I have been here often though. We missed you so much at Christmas. There was noone to tell us what to do and not to forget things! I know you were with us. I look back at the last two Christmases that were full of worry and pain for you and am glad that you are well again. Billie I love you so much and miss you so much it hurts. There is not a minute of the day when I do not remember you and your beautiful face. Your smile and your quiet laugh. Your wicked sense of humour and your stroppiness! You would have been a wonderful woman Bill. You would have changed the world. I dont understand why you had to go baby girl. Look after the children that followed you. There are so many and they need your help. I will keep my promise to you my darling x Mummy forever. Close
MISSING YOU!  / Aunty Yas (godmother)  Read >>
MISSING YOU!  / Aunty Yas (godmother)
Missed buying you a pressie this year Billie. Missing you greatly from my heart. love you dearly. youre always in my thoughts and heart.
to aubrey and becky  / Laret Josiah (aunt)  Read >>
to aubrey and becky  / Laret Josiah (aunt)
I know this is your first christmas without the phyisical presence of your Billie. but I know she was there with all of you.

It is hard to live with out her
but it would be harder to see her in pain.
It is hard not to be able to touch her 
but it is harder to see her in pain. 
It is hard not to hear her talk 
but it is harder to see her in pain.
No - life will never be the same 
but Lord knows your daughter is not in  pain..

Two wonderful people who have been through the plight who didn't give up and still continue to fight.
Two wonderful people who Knows what to say to people who are still suferring everyday.
Two wonderful people  who continue to pray and look up to the Lord and thank him each day.
Two wonderful people who know what is right and must continue to fight the leukaemia blight. 
Two wonderful people Aubrey and Becky who gave us  a special gift little Billie.

Thinking of you at Christmas and in the New Year. 

Thank you

christmas wish  / Tlaret Josiah (aunty)  Read >>
christmas wish  / Tlaret Josiah (aunty)
Hey billie 
sorry to be contacting on the 27th instead of the 25th 
thinking of you grandads leah gem nash,stuart  and all of our family that are away from us.
your picture is still on my desk with your great smile.
i miss you even though you are in the better place , i hope they are not working you too hard and you are coping with your new role as an angel.
kiss grandad for me.and tell him that i am very much awere, he knows what i am talking about. 

love to you and all your peeps.

thanks for helping out with the numbers ya naw wat a meean Close
Happy Christmas  / Susan And Ian   Read >>
Happy Christmas  / Susan And Ian
Happy Christmas beautiful Billie. Never ever forgotten. Lots and lots of love xx Close
Dear Beki and Family  / Georgie (friend)  Read >>
Dear Beki and Family  / Georgie (friend)

Dear Beki and Family,
There are no words right now, but i wish you a peaceful christmas
filled with happy memories of precious Billie.
All my love
Georgie xxx


Happy christmas Billie xx  / Georgie (Friend)  Read >>
Happy christmas Billie xx  / Georgie (Friend)

Dear Billie, stopping bye to wish you a magical christmas.

Thinking of you  / Cherise Thompson (old close friend )  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Cherise Thompson (old close friend )
Hey Billie,
I haven't stopped thinking of you!I am so happy that your free and that you no longer have to suffer all the pain you went through.You were so brave!And congratulations to Leona Lewis, Your cousin, I remember seeing her at your funeral and thinking how pretty she is and what a great singer she is Then seeing her win x factor!Im sure you was watching her from up above!Your family must be really proud.I love you loads billie aka "silly billie" (as i used to call you ) Take care ! xxxxx
remember? / Shareen Akhlaq (old schhol best friend )  Read >>
remember? / Shareen Akhlaq (old schhol best friend )
hey baby gurl.. took me a long time to stop crying.. couldnt get the fact that you had left us all.. but i know that you have gone to a better place.

Do you remember? on our valentines school disco.. i went with jacob and  you went with conor.. that night you slept round my house.. jacob gave me some love heart chocolates and we was taking the mick out of him.. and when my mum picked us up.. she went to tesco's n while we was sitting in the car we ate them little chocolates.. i wont ever forget that billie.. that was such a funny memory.. and so is all the other memories we had.. and they will never be forgotten.. you will always remain in my head and heart.. you brought happiness to this world.. and without you many people feel there is no happiness now..

congratulations to leona.. was voting for you all the way.. i know billie would be proud and  probably tell everyone about it.. lol =]

Just wanted to say that i miss you so much chatting to you on msn.. cummin to see you.. rest in peace.. know you are watching down on everyone. xXx
Billie.. x  / Natasha Tamani (Friend)  Read >>
Billie.. x  / Natasha Tamani (Friend)

Billie,i didnt know you for that long but the time i knew you for was a plesure.. i really miss you and didn't get to say goodbye .. love Natasha.. x..x..x..x..x..x

Leona Won!!  / Kirsten Mckeen (Friend)  Read >>
Leona Won!!  / Kirsten Mckeen (Friend)
How great is it thet Leona won. we all knew she would but i believe Billie made it possible for her. we were all watching Leona last night on the final and i think everyone cryed! well done Leona!! missing you sooo much billie, in my thoughts every possible second!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
billieeee babes  / Darina P. (friend)  Read >>
billieeee babes  / Darina P. (friend)
This beauty,angel and sweet hear will never be forgot and always be missed. Not a day goes by when you dont fly into my mind like a beautiful butterfly. Billie babe,we all love you so much and miss you dearly. you were a babe,a sweetheart a angel and always wil be. you may not be with us but your dreams are still coming true. you've even appeared on x-factor!! babe i wont ever forget any memories we had,the sleep over at Faiths,the visits me and Abbey payed you everyday,your love for the colour pink and Eminem!! And your dreams! I wish so much that we had more memories to remember because your forever in my mind,Im sorry for anything I may of done before,and with a heart like yours you probely forgive me! Liona reminds me ever so much of you,the smile,the eyes,the voice,the actions shes just like you. we all miss you ever so much and love you.
I started praying.
I dont know why,it may seam stupid to some people,but in a way it doesnt feel as weird when you do it.
i pray for billie and that shes having the best time ever.
looking down on us,smiling,and probs shouting at us for crying!
love you ever so much billie R.I.P xo xo xo xo Close
Xmas / Anna Phan (Friend)  Read >>
Xmas / Anna Phan (Friend)
Billie hun, saw ur picture on X factor with Leona. U look so beautiful. Started crying when i saw ur pic and couldnt stop even when she finished singing. That song was dedicated to you and it was so beautiful. Never heard anything so amazing in my life.

In 15 days time it'll be christmas. and i had a plan that i'll b sitting in front of my fireplace drinking hot chocolate in the massive cup you brought me. lol. I was just looking @ the cup the other day and i just noticed that it had the words, lil angel on it. Thats what you are darling, a lil angel. lol. I think that in a few days time it would have been a yr ago when we was giving out pressies out 2 each other. I heard peeps saying that u liked hoop earings, so thats wot i got you along with sum bath things (i think :S)
Was putting my decorations up a week ago, adn 4 sum reason it wasnt fun as it use to be. Maybe it was the thought of not giving u a christmas pressie ever again or never seeing a xmas pressie from u. :(

Have my french G.C.S.E exams 2morrow, and i hope u'll b there with me guiding me through it. :] 

Don't know wot else 2 say hun. But sleep tight 4 now!

Still Got pictures!  / Kirsten Mckeen (Friend)  Read >>
Still Got pictures!  / Kirsten Mckeen (Friend)

Hiya babe, i was looking through some old pictures the other day and i found a birthday card that you made me in year 7! and a picture of us in RECEPTION! glad to know that some of your old mates have got in touch and have written on the website, like niketa and kirstie!! i will always remember our holiday to Wales, we had great fun! missing you xoxoxoxoxox


da old tymes  / Niketa Morrison (friend from primary )  Read >>
da old tymes  / Niketa Morrison (friend from primary )
the last time i saw you we was in year 6, it was our leavers asembly and we had to go up 2 collect our diarys wid our lil picture on it.

i was so exitced to leave, we was havin a conversation about our new school.

i also remeber that time, it was at church one day, and me you and bellez make lil biscuits and they all had our names on sayin best friends forever, that has'nt changed billie u will always be one of my best friends.

that was the last time i saw you we thought we was so grown up leavin primary goin to secondary school. we went our seperate ways and that was it we never spoke again.

i keep watchin x factor wanting leona to win, i kno she will!

billie u was such a special girl and u will never be forgotton

luv u always keeta xXx

R.I.P billie
To Billie..  / Emma Petty (Friend)  Read >>
To Billie..  / Emma Petty (Friend)

I Don't Know What To Say.

Exept That For Some Reason, Im Not Looking Forward To Christmas This Year.

My Mum's Asking Me For Hints On Which Presents I'd Like...

I Can't Answer.

I Thought Maybe I've Grown Out Of Christmas...

But Then I Realised My Older Sister's Still As Exited As The Year Before...

And Then I Came To A Conclusion.

Christmas Day Will Only Remind Me That A Year Ago, There I Was, Opening My Present From You.

And Wondering What Face You'd Pull When You Saw My Present To You!

Its Just Not Going To Be The Same Without You.

Hope You Have Fun At Christmas...Ill Be Thinking Of You

people who have myspace add:

x x x

Memories / Anna Phan (friend)  Read >>
Memories / Anna Phan (friend)
Billie, a year ago 2day u was still here with us. in a few weeks time it would have been a year when we was all exchangin pressies with each other, and i remember when u gave us a christmas card with chocolate coins inside. bless ur lil self. ur pressie u gave me, i still have, and in GOOD condition. lol. it'll b weird not havin u here @ christmas. I still remember how u was sayin that u wanted 2 the the movie: the exorcism and how nothing scared u, and u know wot? i believe u now. U've gone through many obstacles in ur life and nothing ever scared u, such as takin all the injections and pain and the movie: The grudge. lol. which is by the way, a scary film. lol. Last yr when we done the whole present scheme was the first time and last time that we'll ever do it. Fatima came up with the idea that it'll be weird doin the whole present thing since ur no longer here, so we've now decided not 2 do it anymore and stop it and that we end it with u, for it would not b rite without u. I don't know wot else 2 say hunni, but Sweet dreams 4 now!!
XxX Close
I saw you last night  / Mummy   Read >>
I saw you last night  / Mummy
My darling girly,

I saw you last night. You were flying and you had your beautiful long curly hair back. It was tied high on your head and you had silver glitter and sequins in a streak through it. You looked so beautiful and free and healthy. You were so happy. It was lovely. I woke so happy. My baby girl its so lovely to see you so happy with your friends. I love you so much. I miss you all the minutes of every day. Mummy xxx Close
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