Billie Josiah
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Her legacy
What Has Billie Left Behind?  
When Billie died she left us broken hearted.  But in her short life she touched so many people.  Her funeral was testament to this.  It was packed with people young and old from all walks of life, colours and creeds.  To meet Billie was to love her.  She had an aura around her that drew people to her.  When she was a baby people would stop me in the street to tell me how beautiful she was.  She WAS beautiful but it was a beauty that came from within as well as her stunning blue eyes, dark skin and wonderful smile, she was kind, thoughtful and forever dignified.

She did not want to be forgotten.  Write what you remember about our Billie.

Please remember that there are many, many children who need your help.  Become a blood donor, platlet donor and bone marrow donor.  There are no excuses.  If it hurts or you are scared of needles - so what!  Billie endured two years of pain and needles and chemicals and medicines and operations and scans and stuff you would not believe.  She did it all! Not once did she say 'I WONT!'  how many of you can say that about something you dont want to do?

When she knew she was going to die she wanted to come home and she had six weeks with us.  She never complained she just wanted to have fun and she did!  The last week was very hard and as she drifted she reached out her hands and told me she was catching butterflies.  Billie was a butterfly, delicate, beautiful, giving pleasure to all who saw her and her life was far to short.  Our butterfly girl - Billie Jordon Josiah.
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