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Beautiful Billie  / Annabelle Wright (Old friend )  Read >>
Beautiful Billie  / Annabelle Wright (Old friend )
Always in my thoughts, beautiful Billie. Lovely, beautiful, gorgeous Billie. My daughter has wonderful curly hair, just like you. Different in colour but beautiful all the same. I wish I knew how to manage it better! Miss you lots always xxxxxxx Close
Still thinking of you  / Kirstie Ali (Primary school friend )  Read >>
Still thinking of you  / Kirstie Ali (Primary school friend )
Thinking of you and all our memory's hope your somewhere your happy will always have you And your family in my thoughts Love always beautiful angel xxx Close
Happy Birthday you x  / Susan And Ian (Friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday you x  / Susan And Ian (Friend)
Will light a candle tonight and share stories of you with your little namesakes. They never met you but they will know you through us. BILLIE, BILLIE, BILLIE- loved so much, never forgotton xxx Close
Yet another year...  / Kirsten Mckeen (Friend)  Read >>
Yet another year...  / Kirsten Mckeen (Friend)
Yet another year has passed and I miss you a much as the first. I am thinking of you today and always and send my love to your beautiful family. Wish you were with us.... Ill be lighting lanterns for you tonight. Missing you always! Your faithful friend Forever Kirsten xxxx Close
Beautiful, brave girl.  / Vin Daniels   Read >>
Beautiful, brave girl.  / Vin Daniels
Thinking about you today. Let many, many beautiful memories of you come with ease to your mum's mind today. Wishing Becki strength on this exceedingly precious day. X Close
21 Today and forever missed!  / Kirsten Mckeen (Friend)  Read >>
21 Today and forever missed!  / Kirsten Mckeen (Friend)
Happy 21st Birthday! I miss you so much and think of you everyday! Your are hugely missed and always will be. I will be thinking of you today. Me, Danielle and Jennie will be releasing some bright pink 21 balloons for you. My thoughts and love are with your family. Always your friend, you are forever in my heart xxxxxxxx Close
Sorry I cant change your site today.  / Mum   Read >>
Sorry I cant change your site today.  / Mum
I think the snow has even got to the internet! I wanted to edit your site to tell everyone about your 21st Birthday. But its all gone weird on me. So I will tell you how much I love you and miss you and how I wish you were here with me. My special girl. I don't have the words to explain the hole you have left in my life. Part of me went with you darling. My sweetheart My Billie Girl. Close
Missing you!  / Kirsten McKeen (Friend)  Read >>
Missing you!  / Kirsten McKeen (Friend)

Its the 7th of August today. In threee days my little sister will be seven - when did that happen? Time just seems to fly by these days and they feel a lot colder knowing your not here. I remember you playing with Ellie-Beth when you were ill and my mum used to come round with her. I wish you could still play with her and see what a little madam she has become! You would have loved her!

Not a day goes by that I do not think about you. Me and Billy always see you in the butterflies and say hello. There is a loss in my heart that I cant seem to understand or let go and it never seems to cease - I think its true what they say, the pain never eases, you just get used to it.

I miss you. I wish you were still here. I wish you could advise me on things that have happened in my life. You had such care and love in the advice you gave and I could really do with that now.

I love you. I miss you. Always will.

Your dear friend,

Kirsten x

6 Years Already  / Kirsten McKeen (Friend)  Read >>
6 Years Already  / Kirsten McKeen (Friend)
6 years today you have been gone and I miss you so much! There is not a day that goes past that I don't think of you and your family. I miss you Bill, you were so much more than everybody else and you got taken so early which is so unfair. I know your up there causing mischief and looking down on your family. Just wish I could see you... I know I will someday but for now I'll look for you in the butterflies. Missing you always... Your dear friend, Kirsten xxx Close
Beautiful soul  / Francesca Richardson (Friend)  Read >>
Beautiful soul  / Francesca Richardson (Friend)
Has been some time since i have wrote on here, hope your doing ok and your family are good too! Theres not a day that doesnt go past that you or your family arnt in my thoughts your there along with the other fallen angels that deserved alot more than the path you all was given in life, i guess we cant change that, but your Memory Lives On In those who Had The Privalige To get To know Youu! Sleep Peacefully Beautiful. <3 Close
missing you  / Ayesha Allen (friend)  Read >>
missing you  / Ayesha Allen (friend)
I remember going to the same church as billie and her family You might not remember us and st george's but your all truly missed.

If I had knew then what I know now
I would've spent more time with you
Things go by so fast
and I wish I could back and change the past.

Even with the days that have gone by
I think of you still and often cry.
People say time makes the hurt go away
But I think of you each and every day.

Sure I miss all the things we used to do
My friend for life you will always be.
Every night and day about you I pray.
To see you smile at me again someday

Now the place you're going I may not get to go
But I'll keep on trying and I wanted you to know
Now there's one more thing I wish I could do
I wish I could tell you how much I miss you.

Thinking of you  / Funda Sibels Mummy   Read >>
Thinking of you  / Funda Sibels Mummy

Wow what a beautiful site.

Billie I am wishing your family some peace today but I know that the day will be filled with a sadness so huge it could swallow the world.

 The day you left this world like so many other angels that followed you before & after the world became a darker place for Mothers and Fathers (and siblings).

Your Mum has such a way with words that often leaves me in tears.

Today a beautiful butterfly is remembered with love and compassion on earth in heaven I imagine that all the angels are beaming with love that they have been blessed with such beautiful and special children. If only the barrier that seperated the two could be gone and take the pain of this life away.

Surround Mum with your love today sweetie.


Much Love


Funda x


Your girl  / Nicola Ethan's Mummy Hanley (Friend of her mummy's )  Read >>
Your girl  / Nicola Ethan's Mummy Hanley (Friend of her mummy's )
She was so very very special And was so from the start You held her in your arms But mainly in your heart And like a single drop of rain That on still waters fall Her life did ripples make And touched the lives of all. She's gone to play with angels In heaven up above So keep your special memories And treasure. them with love Although your darling daughter Was with you just a while She'll live on in your heart With a sweet remembered smile The sky is filled with Angels With puffy lacy wings The remnants of God's beauty With treasures they now bring Each one of them a Guardian That travels in the sky To watch throughout eternity Their parents from on high Smiles that come from Angels They fall like crystal rain Eases earthly burdens Lifting all life's pain Halos so astounding That glitter gold each day Following their loved ones In such a perfect way Wings in gentle breezes That fall from up above Kissing every parent With everlasting love Angels soar through heaven With everlasting light Looking down from heaven Saying their "goodnights" Kissing all who loved them So gently on the face This life's tender mercy Each parent can embrace Wings and shiny halos Travel from on high Surrounding all their loved ones They never say good-bye. Close
Missing You  / Kirsten McKeen (Friend)  Read >>
Missing You  / Kirsten McKeen (Friend)

Missing you today and always. You are always in my thoughts and forever in my heart... My love to your Mum and Dad and your gorgeous little brothers... Know that you changed everyones life for the better and you still do your memory lives on in all of us and a peice of my heart will always belong to you. You are a very special person and an ispiration. I'll look for you in the stars and the butterflies.

Love Always Your Dear Freind XXX

My girl  / Mum (Mum)  Read >>
My girl  / Mum (Mum)

You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey

You'll never know dear

How much I love you

Please dont take

My sunshine


Hello baby girl  / Mum Mum (mum)  Read >>
Hello baby girl  / Mum Mum (mum)

Missing you today and yesterday and tommorow and forever until I see you again.

Your little brothers keep me busy.  Asher is looks just like you when you were little Rudy is soooo like you when you were a baby.  I wonder how they will grow and if they will still look and be like you when they are big?

Jaidon talks about you all the time.  He misses you.  He loves you and tells the boys about you.

I love you.

My special girl my daughter x

Your Mum  / Claire Keys (Friend of Becki )  Read >>
Your Mum  / Claire Keys (Friend of Becki )
Dear Billie I feel honoured that your mam has let me see your website. She often talks about you and to say she is missing you would be the biggest understatement. From what your mam has told me about you I wish I had had the opportunity to meet you. You sound like a brave courageous young lady and I know how proud your mam is of all of the achievements you made in life just as I am sure you watch over her with admiration of the work she has done in your name since you passed. I often wish I was able to offer greater words of comfort to your mammy but know that I will always be here to support her if she needs it to lift her wings if she forgets how to fly. Sleep Well sweet Billie. Love Claire x Close
Hello my darling girl  / Mum Mum (MUM)  Read >>
Hello my darling girl  / Mum Mum (MUM)

My beautiful Billie my daughter my girl. I miss you so much.  I wish you were here now sitting on my bed chatting with me about this and that. Or perhaps at university phoning me and reversing the charges.

What would you be studying my darling. Law?  Dance?  You could do anything because you are amazing.

How could you be mine? It doesnt make any sense. 

You always was my girl and always will be you and me against the world.

You made me a better person my beautiful blue eyed girl.

Miss you...  / Kirsten McKeen (Friend)  Read >>
Miss you...  / Kirsten McKeen (Friend)

I miss you...

Always thinking of you...

Forever in my heart...

Love you...

Kirsten xxx

Im sorry i havent written here yet  / Darrell Morrison (Friend)  Read >>
Im sorry i havent written here yet  / Darrell Morrison (Friend)
I was thinking about Billie today alot i still remember being in a maths class with her her sitting next to Aneesa and may joking around i remember her smile and how beautiful she was we didnt talk much and i wish we talked more but the only memories i do have of Billie are filled with her smiling face. Id just like to say im 18 now and so is everyone else in my year im signing up to give blood and hopefully everyone else in my year will its the least i can do. RIP Billie Close
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